Welcome to Superjet Ind., Limited, your trusted partner for industrial machines & solutions in Nigeria.

We provide top-quality equipment and comprehensive services to meet West Africa’s industrialisation needs. Our knowledge and strategic alliances will help your operations thrive, maximizing output and profit.

Superjet Industrial Company protects and enhances investments in Nigerian manufacturing. As partners with CNACC-KAIDI International, we provide reliable machinery to small and large-scale manufacturers. Our expert guidance maximizes production line efficiency, minimizing underutilization and optimizing ROI. We're committed to driving Nigerian industries towards global competitiveness, boosting production capacity and economic growth.
We source and provide high-quality industrial machines tailored to meet your specific manufacturing requirements.
Our experienced consultants offer valuable insights and guidance to manufacturers seeking to optimize their operations and enhance productivity.
We assist in deploying production lines effectively, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing the lifespan of your equipment.
Our skill and technology transfer programs enable the harnessing of Nigeria’s abundant human and natural resources, empowering your workforce and enhancing overall efficiency.
We facilitate partnerships with foreign investors, corporate Nigerians, and government entities to drive growth and innovation in the core industrial sectors.

Contact Superjet Ind., Company for reliable machines, consulting services, and strategic partnerships. Let us boost your industrial capabilities towards manufacturing excellence.